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The five best kitespots in the world

beste kitespots van de wereld

The five best kitespots in the world

The best kite spots in the world require more than just wind. While wind is an important factor, other factors also play a role such as how flat, turbulent or wavy the water you are sailing on is. Weather conditions and the vibe of a spot are certainly not unimportant either. As long as you have a kite, board and harness, many spots near you should work out. However, when you go for a spot beyond your wildest dreams, you can find spots all over the world. Maybe even in your area. All you need is a will, gear and some wind (maybe a plane ticket too).

1. Noordwijk, (South Holland, Netherlands)

Located on the west coast of the Netherlands, this is by far one of the nicest places to spend your days kiting. In summer, the temperature is nice, the waves are good and the wind is not bad either. If there is no wind, you can have a great time on the beach with other kiters or at night in the pubs. There is definitely time for fun in Noordwijk.

2. La Ventana, ( Mexico)

Located near the southernmost tip of Mexico is La Ventana. This place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a reason. The views and the sea are stunning. The strength and constant winds make this place a kiters’ paradise. Who wouldn’t want to sail on that?

3. Nabq, (Egypt)

If Moses and his people had had kiteboards, they probably would not have walked through the Red Sea. The town of Nabq is located in the southeast of the Sinai Peninsula between the gorgeous resorts of Sharm-el Sheikh and the port of Dahab where many backpackers come. Kiters flock to this spot in large numbers to sail the Gulf of Aqaba with steady winds.

4. Tarifa (Spain)

Tarifa is mainland Europe’s southernmost city on the Costa de la Luz, with some 38 km of golden beaches, clear waters and lots, but lots, of wind. The Strait of Gibraltar acts as a wind tunnel as the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic. Combined with the warm, southern climate, you can understand
why Tarifa is ideal for kiters.

5. Isla Margarita (Venezuela)

Isla Margarita is located in the Caribbean on the north-east coast of Venezuela (that already sounds delicious, doesn’t it?). With a tropical beach, lots of locals kiting and constant winds all year round, it’s a good place to be. There are also plenty of shopping and entertainment venues to be found, in case you need to take a break from all the kite violence.

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The five best kitespots in the world

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