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BeachBreak BBQ​

Have you booked a great activity and want to have some food afterward with your friends or company? We can arrange a barbecue for groups of 20 people or more. Our chefs will put together a delicious barbecue for you and take care of everything, so you and your group can simply enjoy the beach and the relaxed atmosphere.

Do you want to know more or discuss what’s possible for you? Please make an appointment and send an email to

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What could be better than complementing your BeachBreak experience with a fantastic lunch or barbecue? Sounds ideal, right?

Our lunches and barbecues are carefully sourced and prepared. We work with local suppliers who provide us with the finest fresh meat, fish, and vegetables. Our salads are homemade in our own kitchen. All meat is cooked by our grillmasters over charcoal to ensure maximum flavor.

Whether you have a large or small group, it’s no problem! We have great packages for every preference, including vegetarian alternatives. Food allergies? We are happy to accommodate them.

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