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At our surf lessons for children and families, it’s all about fun, learning, and experiencing new adventures. Dive into the world of surfing and discover a sea of excitement and endless fun.

Watch with pride as your children increase their self-confidence, make new friends, and develop a deep connection with the sea. Let them shine as they conquer the waves and create unforgettable memories.

Every Wednesday afternoon and Sunday, your children are welcome to join Kids Surf. This is suitable for all kids up to 16 years old.

It’s also possible to experience the adventure together with your family. Book a Family surf lesson and learn the basic skills of surfing in a safe and stimulating way.

If you want to know more about the kids & family club, please send an email to, fill in the contactform or come visit us at the beach.

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The kids & family surfclub

Always surfing at your level

At our center, it’s all about the surfing experience. That’s why we divide the group into smaller teams, so you can always surf at your level and make targeted progress.

Regardless of your experience, we guarantee that you’ll always surf in the right group. This allows you to challenge yourself, develop new skills, and discover the ultimate surfer within you.

Ready to show what you can do? Seize this opportunity and surf with surfers who are at your level. Reserve your spot now and experience the excitement of surfing at the highest level!

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