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If you want to organize a complete outing for your group with activities followed by a drink, that’s also possible with us. We’ll put together a complete package for you and take care of everything, so you and your group can simply enjoy the beach and the relaxed atmosphere.

Do you want to know more or discuss what’s possible for you? Please make an appointment and send an email to

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Complete Drinks Package (including drinks)

In this drinks package, we provide the drinks and snacks. Our standard drink assortment includes coffee, tea, soft drinks, water, fruit juice, bottled beers (Heineken, Radler, and 0.0%), and our house wines (white, rosé, and red). Additionally, snacks such as nuts and crisps will be served, along with a snack platter (one round of assorted snacks per hour).

Specialty beers such as Desperados or one of our craft beers can only be served on a post-calculation basis.

Cost: starting from €12.50 per hour per person (Minimum 3 hours required)

Do you want luxury snacks for the drinks?

That’s also possible at BeachBreak! We charge an additional €2.50 per person for this. The assortment of luxury snacks is available upon request and can be served in consultation.

Drinks package with tokens

It’s also possible to book a drinks package with tokens at BeachBreak. This way, the budget remains limited, making it easier for you to control expenses.

Tokens cost €3.50 each (for beer, soft drinks & wine only) and tokens including specialty beers cost €4.50 each.

Do you want to book a group activity with a subsequent drinks reception?

Then please send an email to or fill out the contactform.

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