Birthday Party

Children's parties at BeachBreak 

We offer a lot of children's parties at BeachBreak. 

So enjoy your birthday with us with a crazy water sports party or sports party. 

See below for all options. 

Surf party

Duration: 2 hours

Go out to sea with your group of friends and a private instructor to learn the tricks of surfing. 

You first get a wetsuit with a brightly colored lycra above it. 

This way everyone is clearly visible in the sea. 

On the beach you will receive a short explanation from the instructor and then quickly go into the sea to learn to surf. There must be at least 7 participants at this party. 

There is no maximum. 

SUP party

Duration: 2 hours

Take to the water with this party too! 

You go out to sea with your friends and your own instructor and the sups. 

You can master supping through all kinds of games and exercises. 

If there are too many waves, it is no longer safe and we will do another activity in consultation. 

There must be at least 7 participants at this party. 

There is a maximum of 25 participants. 

Smuggling game

Duration: 1 hour € 10 pp

Play this cool game in the dunes next to BeachBreak. 

The instructor will play this cool game together with the group of kids in the dune. 

Run, hide, smuggle, tap, run away, everything comes back in this game. 

This is only suitable for groups of 20 kids or more. 

Stratego Alive

Duration: 1 to 2 hours - € 12.50 pp

Hide the flag, come up with a plan with your team and try to capture the flag from the opponent. 

Which team is the smartest and finds the flag first! 

This game is also played in the dunes after BeachBreak. 

Running, tapping, hiding is also part of this. 

Suitable for groups from 20 kids.  

If you combine the smuggling game with living strategy, we have a combi deal of € 15 pp 

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