We offer all our kitesurfing lessons as group lesson or private lesson.
A group lesson lasts 2 hours. We work with a group size of maximum 2 students per instructor. 

You can only book a grouplesson for 2 people. Want to book a lesson for 1 person, then please choose a private lesson. 


During the group lesson we use 1 kite per 2 students.
We continuously switch during the lesson so that each student spends the same amount of time with the kite. The advantage of the group lesson is that you can copy the other student and that you have plenty of time for reflection moments during the lesson. Beginner class Want to get a breath of fresh air or learn kitesurfing fanatically? 


 For anyone who has no experience with kitesurfing, we offer the beginners kitesurfing lesson.
Step by step, we will discuss the basics of this challenging sport at a pace that suits you. Experience with water sports is certainly not necessary. The emphasis in a beginner kite surfing lesson is on safety and fun. 

Introduction lesson

Price € 85, - p.p.
Max. 2 persons
Duration: 2 hours

Follow-up lesson

Followed a beginner lesson and infected with the kite surfing virus?
Then you continue with the follow-up lesson. In the follow-up lesson we refresh what you have learned before. Then we work towards the first meters on the board. 

Price: € 85 p.p. 

Max. 2 persons 

Duration: 2 hours

4-day course

Would you like to learn to kitesurf fanatically? We offer a 4-day course for anyone who would like to learn to kite surf in a responsible and independent way. During this 4-day course you will effectively learn all the necessary kite skills required to continue safely and independently as a kite surfer. After the course you are able to purchase or rent your own kitesurf equipment so that you can brave the waves on your own. 

Price: € 315 p.p. 

Max. 2 persons 

Duration: 4 x 2 hours (8 hours total) 

Free membership i.e. € 75

5-day course

From our years of experience, we have noticed that not everyone learns kitesurfing independently in 4 lessons. Do you want to master the basics before you decide to purchase equipment yourself or do you simply want extra guidance so that you can go on the water independently with confidence? Then the 4 day course is definitely for you! 

 Price: € 375 p.p. 

 Max. 2 persons 

 Duration: 5 x 2 hours (10 hours total) 

 Free membership i.e. € 75

6-day course

Our most complete curriculum. Similar to the 4 & 5 day course but more! 

If you simply need more lessons to be able to kite surf independently or if you want to learn more than just the basis of the 4-day course, this lesson package is definitely for you. 

 Price: € 425 p.p. 

 Max. 2 persons 

 Duration: 6 x 2 hours (12 hours total) 

 Free membership i.e. € 75

All prices include the use of all necessary materials and an IKO certificate

Free Membership

Book one of our multi-day courses and get a season membership for free (worth € 75). After your course you can continue practicing at the location where you also followed your lessons and use all our facilities. We always keep an eye on you  and we can help you after the course by giving you targeted tips. Furthermore, there are always other beginners kiting and before you know it you have a lot of kitesurfing friends! Have you finished the course but do not have your own material yet? That is not a problem because you can rent all the necessary kite surfing equipment from us. 


We can also advise you if you are going to purchase your own kite surfing set.

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