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With our new headsets, students can receive continuous feedback or ask the instructor a question at any time during the kitesurfing lesson. This improves the quality of the lesson and therefore progress will be made faster. Due to limited availability, the headsets can only be booked for private lessons. 



We use long distance bluetooth headsets. Students receive a safety helmet with a waterproof built-in speaker and microphone. The instructor has the same system and can keep in constant contact with the student. Why use a headset? A common kite surfing lesson is given without a headset. In many of the exercises that we treat during the kitesurfing lessons, there is a small contact moment when the students go into the water independently. Feedback takes place when the students come back to the beach. The headset allows continuous contact between the student and the instructor, so that feedback can take place at any time. Small errors and points for improvement will therefore be implemented faster, which ensures that the students will make progress more quickly. 

What are the costs for using the headset?

The headset technology we use is currently the very latest technology in the field of water sports communication. We are one of the few kite surfing schools in the Netherlands that use this technology.  

We consciously opt for innovation and notice that our students benefit greatly from using our headsets. We have limited availability. We offer the option to pre-book the headsets for € 10 per lesson. We will then ensure that a set is ready for you. 

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