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Kitesurfing is a beautiful sport that allows you to feel total freedom as you are defying the winds and the waves of the North Sea.

With the right coaches and guidance, kitesurfing can be a sport for the young and the old.
With our 15 years of experience and our IKO certification, you’ve found the right place to learn this sport in a fun and safe manner.

Why kitesurf at BeachBreak?

·We make sure that in our group lessons there is a maximum of 2 students per instructor.
With our team of instructors we can guarantee constant guidance, encouragement and answers to all your questions throughout your lessons.
This means that you can count on fast progression.


·Our enthusiastic instructors are all IKO certified, well experienced and are fanatic and passionate kitesurfers.


·We have warm showers and spacious changing rooms. After your lesson you are more than welcome to sit back and relax out of the wind on our sunny terrace.


·We have more than enough room for all of our water sport enthusiasts to enjoy their time out in the ocean, on the beach or at the surf lodge.
This means that you can fully enjoy your time at BeachBreak without having to worry about it ever being too crowded.


·BeachBreak’s location in Noordwijk is central and is easily accessible from all major cities.


·We are open 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset.


What we offer in our lessons:

We offer a variety of lessons and lesson packages. These lessons can either be taken privately or as a group. We work with small groups, 2 students per instructor, to ensure each student gets the attention they deserve (bigger groups can be arranged upon request).
We teach kitesurfing to children from the ages 9 and up.
All children under the age of 15 receive 10% discount on all of their lessons.

Beginner lessons:

Looking for a day out in some fresh air, or keen to learn how to kitesurf?
For all of those who have no experience yet, we offer you the beginner kitesurf lessons.
Step by step, at whatever pace you feel comfortable with, we will teach you all there is to know about this challenging sport.
There is no need to have experience with other types of watersports to learn kitesurfing.
With our beginner lessons we put emphasis on safety and fun. You can either book private beginners lessons or you can book beginner lessons for groups.

Group Beginner Lessons:

Length: 3 hours

Price: € 99,-­ p.p.  

Participants: 2


Private Beginner Lessons:

Length: 2 hours

Price: € 120,-­ p.p. 

Participants: 1


For those who would like to learn how to kitesurf independently and responsibly, we offer you a 3 day course.
During this three day course we help you to effectively learn all of the necessary kitesurfing skills needed to continue on your road to becoming an independent and safe kitesurfer.
After the course you will be knowledgeable and confident enough to buy or hire your own kitesurfing equipment, and from then on it is just you and the wind and the waves.


Group Lessons

Length: 3 hours daily for 3 days

Price: € 275,-­ p.p.  

Participants: 2

Private Lessons

Length: 2 hours daily for 3 days

Price: € 335,-­ p.p.  

Participants: 1


Experience complete freedom and book our most in-depth lesson package which will guarantee you kitesurfing with utmost confidence in yourself.
Getting some big air and making your first tight turns are what you can expect from yourself after this course.


Group Lessons:

Length: 3 hours daily for 5 days

Price: € 420,­- p.p.  

Participants: 2


Private Lessons:

Length: 2 hours daily for 5 days

Price: € 500,-­ p.p.  

Participants: 1

What exactly is included in these lesson prices?

All of the necessary equipment needed is provided to you in every one of our lessons. This guarantees no unexpected costs for you. After your lessons we are always available at BeachBreak to give you more information and to have a drink with you in the hot tub whilst sharing our kitesurfing experiences.


What should I bring to the lesson?

Handy things to bring with you include a towel, swimsuit (for under the wetsuit), and possibly sunscreen and sunglasses.


If you have any further questions or would like to have some more information, you are always welcome to contact our head kitesurf instructor:



Phone: +31 6 196 732 27



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