Are you a company, or a large group of people, looking for a fun day out at a super relaxed location? 

Then BeachBreak is the perfect location! 


BeachBreak Watersports Center has all of the facilities for a great day at the beach! 

Changing rooms, showers, bathrooms, a large terrace, a hot tub and a place for you to grab a bite to eat and something to drink. 

 We enjoy hosting a good BBQ, so this is also an option for your group getaway. 


 At BeachBreak there is everything you need in one location. It is a complete day out, with everything taken care of for you by the BeachBreak crew. 

 Do you want to have an active day out, or rather a relaxed day at the beach? Are you lovers of the ocean and water sports, or do you prefer walking along the beach and watching the surfers? Looking to take part in a friendly yet competitive game between friends or are you looking to sit back, relax and have some good laughs? 

Will everybody want to take part in the same activities, or perhaps would they like take part in a diverse programm?

Perhaps you’d like to spend the whole day on the beach, including lunch and a tasty BBQ? 


These are just some important questions to think of when planning your group outing… 

We have something for everyone and will make sure to come up with a programme that ensures everyone enjoys their time at BeachBreak. 


 In addition, we also work with Vrijstaat Nederzandt.
 With our combination of BeachBreak’s location and Nederzandt we can make special arrangements for groups. 

We can offer you a private enclosed area where introductions and greetings can be made, and from there you can relax, enjoy the day with an activity here and there as well as a delicious lunch. 


The activities on the day of your group outing can take place at BeachBreak or at Nederzandt on Langevelderslag. Have you come up with your own fun ideas for your group outing? Curious to see what activities we can offer you, separate from our watersports activities? 


 Send us an e-mail and we’ll make everything possible!

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